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If you are considering purchasing new construction, you want to find the very best builders BEFORE you go out shopping for custom homes.

Researching the best new home builders and new home communities in the area is not the most fun. It’s super important though. It’s a lot easier than you think too. We recommend our clients start with a google search for ‘best new construction builders in “your town” or ‘top new communities in the “your area’. The time and effort you spend researching the best new construction homes will pay off in the end!

Look online for reviews, testimonials, and any news you can find on each development you’re interested in. If you can connect with current residents online, through social media, you will have great informational resources to make an educated decision. Plus you want to learn about your potential neighbors as well!

Don’t be afraid to ask the builder a lot of questions (there’s a good chance he is going to have a lot for you as well). One good question to ask is ‘what are the future plans for the new development?’

You and your Realtor® will put a list together of the top new communities, and the top new homes that you want to see. Then it’s time to go hunting.