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There are many important tools at a Realtor’s disposal, and few are more important than access to a great real estate photographer.  Professional real estate photography puts our listings in their best possible light, no pun intended.  The photos are one of the main reasons that people setup appointments to view a listing.  The iPhone has a great camera but it is not sufficient to shoot our clients’ most important investment, their home

A professional photographer offers an artist’s eye and attention to detail.  When listing a home, we’re working to appeal to a buyer’s emotions.  No buyer wants to see a real estate agent in front of a bathroom mirror trying to take a photograph for the listing.  That is tacky and unprofessional.

Listing photos with aerial photography is one of the key elements to our photos and we include them with our listings whenever possible.  Buyers are not simply buying a house, they’re buying a neighborhood too!  It’s important to show the surroundings of the homes we’re selling.  These photos help to create interest in our listings too.

You only get one chance to make a great first impression so we never put a listing on the market without professional photos. The minute a property goes on the market, the market time clock starts ticking.  Most homes get the most views when it first hits the market.

Listings with professional photography sell for more money and garner more interest.